Wealth Money
Beggar $0+
Broke $1,000+
Poor $25,000+
Comfortable $50,000+
Wealthy $100,000+
Loaded $250,000+
Rich $500,000+
Millionaire $1,000,000+
Filthy Rich $5,000,000+
Swimming In It $10,000,000+
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There are three methods for trading other users in the game.

1. Auction House
The Auction House is a player-run market for players to list their items for sale. Players are able to bid for items or instantly buy-out an item, if the seller has set this option. There is a 10% fee to list an item.

2. Escrow
Escrow is the safest method for transferring something to another user, as both participants are required to enter their password and confirm the escrow agreement.

3. Bank
The bank is the simplest method for transferring cash from one user to another. It also provides investments for a nice profit. There is a 5% tax deduction on all transfers.
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The Brewery is a feature used to smuggle booze around the US.

There are different types of booze available and the price changes every 3 hours.

The amount of booze you can carry will be dependant on the inventory storage you have available.

Wine $1 - $100
Rum $1 - $100
Whiskey $1 - $100
Cognac - $1- $100
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Stock Exchange
The Stock Exchange is a great way to invest in your money and potentially earn a lot more, but also a risk of losing it.

You will need to keep a close eye on the stock market as prices change every 5 minutes.
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