Ranking will be your main objective while playing Mafia Order. Progressing through the ranks enables you to access more features and subsequently become stronger and more powerful in the world.

There are 40 ranks to progress through and each rank progressively requires more XP to rank up.

You can rank up in multiple ways using several features that will be mentioned within this category.
Name Health
Scum (1) 250
Bully (2) 275
Thief (3) 300
Thug (4) 600
Brawler (5) 625
Earner (6) 650
Dealer (7) 675
Criminal (8) 700
Gangster (9) 725
Hitman (10) 1,400
Associate (11) 1,425
Recruit (12) 1,450
Runner (13) 1,475
Picciotto (14) 1,500
Soldier (15) 1,525
Wise Guy (16) 2,400
Respected (17) 2,450
Made Man (18) 2,500
Sgarrista (19) 2,550
Enforcer (20) 2,600
Chief (21) 2,650
Lieutenant (22) 3,200
Captain (23) 3,250
Caporegime (24) 3,300
Capodecina (25) 3,350
Warlord (26) 3,400
Kingpin (27) 3,450
Drug Lord (28) 4,700
Don (29) 4,750
Capo Dei Capi (30) 4,800
Godfather (31) 4,850
Legendary Godfather (32) 4,900
Counselor (33) 4,950
Deputy Mayor (34) 6,500
Mayor (35) 6,550
Governor (36) 6,600
Senator (37) 6,650
Ambassador (38) 6,700
Vice President (39) 6,750
President (40) 6,800
Admin 300,000
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Crimes are the core ranking mechanic for the game, here you spend your crime energy to commit crimes for lucrative rewards.

Successfully committing crimes will reward you with money, XP, reputation and potentially loot.

You can also fail crimes and even be sent to jail by the police. Each crime attempt will increase the success chance to a maximum of 85%.

Crimes at random can have an increased drop rate on specific item types, such as consumables, weapons, boots etc - this will greatly increase the odds that you receive loot.

There are 10 crimes in total and you unlock the higher crimes by progressing through the ranks. Each crime unlocked will offer better rewards and loot within your rank range.

VIP users have access to see which loot they can potentially receive from their next crime (no option to manipulate the outcome).
Name Min. Rank Cooldown EXP
Sell alcohol to underage kids Scum (1) 5 Seconds 20
Shoplift at a supermarket Thug (4) 10 Seconds 44
Steal a wallet Dealer (7) 15 Seconds 66
Hold up a post office Hitman (10) 20 Seconds 88
Steal from a local drug dealer Runner (13) 25 Seconds 110
Steal paintings from a gallery Wise Guy (16) 30 Seconds 132
Hijack a casino takings van Sgarrista (19) 35 Seconds 154
Money laundering Lieutenant (22) 40 Seconds 176
Sell firearms to a terrorist group Drug Lord (28) 45 Seconds 198
Kidnap Silvio Rocco Deputy Mayor (34) 50 Seconds 220
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The GTA features offers you an opportunity to steal a vehicle for you to sell, repair, drive or even use in a heist or organised crime. You will have the option to choose from a selection of cars, each having their own success rate.

All cars come in different rarities and offer different stats, from the number of seats, storage sizes to acceleration and handling. Some cars are good for storage, some are great for heists and some are for OCs.

Stealing cars isn't easy but using a lockpick will give you an additional 15% chance of successfully stealing a car. You can also be sent to jail for failing to steal a car.

VIP users can refresh the GTA cars available 10 times a day.
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Heists are a two player feature that require both users to have a vehicle.

The cars used in the heist will determine the outcome.

Higher storage will result in more bullets and money, while having a faster car will result in a higher success chance.

You will need to use a vehicle that has 0% damage.
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Organised Crime
Organised crimes (OCs) is a four player feature that requires all users to gear up in their profession for handsome rewards.

There are four professions which you can rank up by gaining EXP. The higher your profession, the better rewards you will receive.

1. Leader - funds required to start the OC and prepare the team
2. Weapons Expert - brings a weapon
3. Explosives Expert - brings an explosive
4. Driver - brings a car. The car MUST be a four seater vehicle.

OCs offer the best loot available in the game, dropping Epic and Legendary items. You will also receive EXP and money.
Name Min. Rank
Rob a bank Hitman (10)
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Evade the police is a feature where the Boss needs you to pick up his nephew and get him away from the police. You are then required to make decisions on which direction to take, in an attempt to evade them.

You will receive EXP and money as a reward.

You need to be driving a vehicle to commit an evade.

Your car will take damage on each failed evade attempt.
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Crack the safe is a feature that requires a user to guess the code to open a safe containing money.

The longer a safe is unopened, the more handsome the reward.

If you fail the PIN, there will be a 90% chance of a hint to say higher/lower.

If you successfully guess the PIN, you will receive all the contents and EXP.
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Coaching is a feature primarily used to enable users to compete while continuing with their busy lives.

It allows users to create a coaching contract, which effectively transfers their crime energy to other players, in return for a % of the EXP.

You must be rank Brawler (5) to take out a contact.

Any user can take a coaching contract but VIP membership is required to submit a contract.

When you submit a contract, you are offering either 500, 1000 or 1500 crime energy in exchange for 75-95% of the EXP gained from it. You can also add a price to these contracts, to create a competitive market for active users to bid on.

You will have 30 minutes to fulfil a 500 crime energy contract and won't be able to take out another for 1 hour.
You will have 1 hour to fulfil a 1,000 crime energy contract and won't be able to take out another for 2 hours.
You will have 1 hour and 30 minutes to fulfil a 1,500 crime energy contract and won't be able to take out another for 3 hours.

If a user is unable to fulfil a contract, a penalty will be applied and the remaining crime energy will not be refunded.

If a contract has not been bidded on it will expire after 24 hours. The value will also decrease every 6 hours by 50%, and will continue to be halved at the same rate, until 24 hours is up. The energy will not be refunded if the contract expires.

All reputation earned from the crimes will go to the coach (the person committing the crimes).

The coaching trainee (the person being coached) will receive all of the EXP for a failed crime.
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Raids are an 8-man organised crime, requiring you to kill someone for the boss.

The location of the raid will be random.

You are now required to use a 4-seater vehicle for this feature. The success rate will still be dependent on the vehicle value. You will lose your car when you complete a Raid.

Raids drop the best loot in the game, heroic items.

Your 8 man team must consist of the following
- 1 x Leader
- 2 x Weapons Experts
- 2 x Explosives Experts
- 3 x Drivers
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