Profile Editing
To edit your profile:
  • Click on the 'edit profile' icon underneath your username OR
  • The 'edit profile' button when viewing your profile.
When on the edit profile page you can upload an avatar and/or a feature image onto your profile by clicking 'choose file' and selecting an image from your device.

If you want your kill count to show on your profile select the 'show kills on profile' so it becomes ticked.

Adding a feature image and showing kills requires you to be a VIP.

Please note BBCode is enabled on profile editing. If using this tutorial, please remove any stars within the brackets in order for BBCode to work.

Signature box - This is where you can add content to your profile for others to see.
  • To add text simply type what you wish to show on your profile.
  • To an an image, type [img*]Your image link[/img*]
  • To add a video, open Youtube and select a video. Click on the address bar and copy all the text AFTER the v=. Go back to your edit profile screen and type [youtube*]Everything after v=[/youtube*]
  • To change text colour, use [color=YOUR COLOUR HERE*]Hello World[/color*]
  • To change the size of your font use [size=NUMBER BETWEEN 1-7*]Hello World[/size*]
  • To underline text use [u*]Hello Gangsters[/u*]
  • For italics use [i*]Hello[/I*]
  • For bold text use [b*]Bold text[/b*]
  • To place text left, right or central, use [center/left/right]Some Text[/center/left/right]
Please remember to remove all * inside the brackets in order for the BBCode to work.

  • Size 1
  • Size 2
  • Size 3
  • Size 4
  • Size 5
  • Size 6
  • Size 7
  • Bold Text
  • Underlined Text
  • Coloured Text
  • Italic Text
  • Text Left
  • Text Centered
  • Text Right
If you need anymore guidance, please feel free to use our Discord, ask a HDO or Submit a ticket.
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