Detectives are vitally important to killing people in Mafia Order. The choices you make when hiring a detective can be the difference between life and death.

The more money you spend on detectives, the better chance you have of finding someone.

Detectives have a percentage of finding the user and also a percentage that they are noticed while searching for them.

Please be aware, all new players will receive 'Beginner protection' which will last for 7 days. Beginner protection can also be stopped at any point during the 7 days by using coins.

Your detective will provide the results when the timer expires, this will then prompt an 'Attack' button if the detective finds the user.
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Bodyguards are essential to survival and a great way to protect your vulnerable friends.

Bodyguards only work within your kill range.

In order to have a bodyguard you must be in a family and your bodyguard must also be in the same family as you.

You will have to purchase a bodyguard slot in order to hire someone to protect you.

If someone attacks you and your bodyguard is in the same city as you, they will step in and fight for you.

Bodyguard 1 is unlocked at Rank 10.
Bodyguard 2 is unlocked at Rank 15.
Bodyguard 3 is unlocked at Rank 20.
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When your detective finds the user, you will be prompted to attack them. This will start a one minute timer of preparation, to equip your gear and prepare any consumables.

The kill system on Mafia Order is turn-based, with each user starting with 15 turns. Earn turn used is the equivalent of 15 seconds and a fight has a timer of 5 minutes until it ends.

Main Weapon - 3 turns
Side Arm - 2 turns
Melee - 1 turn
Move - 0.5 turns
Inventory - 2 turns

Users have the ability to move during a fight to change the battle dynamics. You have the option to use a long-range weapon or come close with a short-range weapon.

Attacking a user requires several magazines of ammo, so you should be well prepared before picking a fight with someone.

You can be attacked once every 10 minutes and you can attack users every 30 minutes.

Defenders also receive a 50% defence bonus when attacked offline

Auto-backfire and pre & post-fight items only work when you are being attacked

There is a kill range to prevent users being killed by high ranks. The kill range is in alignment with each tier of items for fairness.

Ranks 1 - 3 = Tier 1 items
Ranks 4 - 9 = Tier 2 items
Ranks 10 - 15 = Tier 3 items
Ranks 16 - 21 = Tier 4 items
Ranks 22 - 27 = Tier 5 items
Ranks 28 - 33 = Tier 6 items
Ranks 34 - 40 = Tier 7 items
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The auto-backfire feature was implemented to avoid users going offline to escape conflict.

You have an option to setup your backfire profile, choosing the distance of contact and your preferred moves for the fight. This will only be triggered when a user is offline.

You also have the option to consume pre and post fight items, to enhance your strength.
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Your health is very important and something you need to keep care of in order to survive in this world.

If you do lose health, there are three methods of obtaining health back.

1. Hospital
You can check into a hospital and receive 15% health instantly, this will cost you $5,000 and has a 30 minute cooldown.

2. Medicals
You can use any medical consumables you have found from crimes to boost your health.

3. Natural Regeneration
Your health will naturally regenerate at 0.5% per minute.
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Life Insurance
A Life Insurance policy allows you to recoup X% of your account EXP, items and money in the bank when you die. (you will keep all your coins)

It is highly recommended that everyone takes out a life policy to prevent themselves starting from the beginning when you die.

It is a requirement to have your auto-backfire setup before you can purchase a policy.

Life insurance policies last for 7 days and there are four different policies to choose from.

Bronze Policy (FREE)- 30% EXP
Silver Policy - 50% EXP + 1 random equipped items + 2 random inventory items
Gold Policy- 60% EXP + 2 random equipped items + 4 random inventory items
Platinum Policy- 70% EXP + 3 random equipped items + 6 random inventory items
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NPCs are Non-Playing Characters which are not controlled by players.

NPCs offer rewards for killing them from the Hitlist, they are also a great way to practice your aim and learn the killing system.

Be warned as NPCs CAN kill you.

If an NPC is killed, they will be auto-revived every 30 - 90 minutes to be attacked again.

NPCs will travel around at random so bear this in mind when using bodyguards to find them.
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