You can travel either by train or by driving your vehicle.
New York
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1,000 reputation is required to purchase a property.

After 7 days all territory owners will automatically lose their properties and an NPC will take control over it for 24 hours before it is then dropped for players to purchase it again. However you can kill the NPC to take control over the property if you wish.

Your influence in the territory will decrease over time.

Territories can be sabotaged. Once sabotaged, there is a one hour cooldown before it can be sabotaged again by another player. additionally, the person who sabotaged the territory will have a 6 hour cooldown before he can sabotage it again.
Name Perk Value Income p/h
Coffee Shop Perk coming soon ... $47,500 $950
Diner Perk coming soon ... $40,000 $800
Factory Perk coming soon ... $30,000 $600
Warehouse Perk coming soon ... $25,000 $500
Market Perk coming soon ... $22,500 $450
Butchers Perk coming soon ... $17,500 $350
Waste Removal Perk coming soon ... $15,000 $300
Bakery Perk coming soon ... $15,000 $300
Hideout Allows you to build room and unlock individual player perks! $200,000 --
Slots Owner earns profit from players playing at the casino $200,000 --
Blackjack Owner earns profit from players playing at the casino $200,000 --
Horse Racing Owner earns profit from players playing at the casino $200,000 --
Keno Owner earns profit from players playing at the casino $200,000 --
Roulette Owner earns profit from players playing at the casino $200,000 --
Bank Family: Mortgage rates reduced by 20% $200,000 --
Detective Agency Family: Cost to hire detectives reduced by 10% $200,000 --
Hospital Family: Admission fee reduced by 50% $200,000 --
Train Station Family: Fast pass ticket reduces travel time by 25% $200,000 --
Jail Family: Bust/escape chance increased by 25% $200,000 --
Brewery Family: Alcohol price increased by 25% $200,000 --
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Reputation is earned by committing crimes and is used to create families or purchase territory.

- Creating a family cost 2500 reputation
- Purchasing territory cost 1000 reputation

You can increase the amount of reputation earned from wearing better jewellery.

There is a maximum capacity of 5000 reputation that you can earn.
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Hideouts are purchasable for $200K
You will have to pay $25K per week in mortgage fees for owning a hideout and the cost will increase depending on your upgrades.

You can only own one hideout per city.

You can only access the hideout storage and receive perks when in the city it was bought in

Each hideout has 25KG storage as default. However you can build extensions to give additional perks. You can build a maximum of 4 extensions per hideout.

You lose your Hideout when you die and all the items inside will also be lost.

If you don't pay your mortgage fees, your perks are frozen and you cannot access storage/garage until the fees are paid.

Players are unable to install a Garage in the Loft and Basement Extensions

There are 7 extensions you can build:

Lounge = Earn additional EXP
Bedroom = Extra energy gained
Gym = Extra defence power
Shooting Range = Extra attack power
Vehicle Workshop = Reduced vehicle repair costs
Storage Racking = Extra storage
Medical Room = Gain additional health recovery
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